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Call for Submissions

Current Calls:

Calls for Submissions : (Particular things we’re looking for in this issue)

Ask Guest

  • Ask Peter - Do you have a way with innuendo? Feel perfectly comfortable creeping others out? Then you might be our next “Ask” Guest, Peter Hale. To audition for the part, send your contact information and a sample ask and response as Peter.

Issue 2 Features

  • TBD

Up and coming model: Neck of the Month: [1 pg]

  • Allison Argent: Submit your art, photomanips, or ideas for a brief interview (Art), (Copy), (Copy & Art team)


Recurring Roles :

  • Comics - Have an idea for a recurring or serial comic? Send us your proposal. (Art)

Open Season : (submit whenever, and we’ll add it to the pool)

 Varietal short content [1-2 pg]

  • Small articles for the Werewolf lifestyle that don’t necessarily need to tie to the main theme. e.g. Fashion, Media reviews, Gossip column on ‘Celebrity Wolves’, Cooking advice, etc. Come up with your ideas and Go wild! Check the Brainstorming Document for ideas and examples (Copy)(Art)(Copy & Art team)

Very Short Content [Up to 1pg]

  • Quizzes - What’s your Alpha personality? Write quizzes of this sort. Funny, serious, anything’s game! (Copy), (Copy & Art team).
  • Comics - Being a werewolf can be a funny thing! Create stand-alone comics to feature in the ‘Zine. (Art)
  • Featured Comic Prompt: “The Adventures of Failwolf” - Let’s face it - being a werewolf can be difficult! Create stand-alone comics on any wolf and their mishaps to feature in the ‘Zine. (Art)
  • Starsigns  - Write a blurb about a zodiac design, or design a piece of zodiac logo art. (Art), (Copy).
  • (Art) Free gift  - The idea here is to have a printable item, something like this for everyone to enjoy. It does not have to be a paper doll - could be masks, logos, something else. Be creative!

Write to us!

  • Need advice? Got questions? Submit them to Ask Alpha, or the issue’s featured ‘Ask’ guest (Ask Guest TBD for issue #2)! Write up your question and email it
  • Letters to the Editor - How is our magazine suiting your werewolfy needs? Which articles/models were most interesting? What other topics/models might you like to see?

Advertisements [Up to 1pg] -

  • Does your company offer werewolf products or services? Let us know! (Copy)(Art)(Copy & Art team).

General Information:

Submission Rules:

General Rules:

  • Multiple submissions per contributor are allowed.
  • The editors reserve the right to limit the number of submissions per contributor per issue.

Leadership Members :

  • May submit to Open Season calls. May submit to specific calls if necessary. No submissions to contests. No leadership member may be their own editorial approval/selection.

Content Categories:

When preparing for a new issue, the leadership will designate each item of ‘Zine content as one of the following :

  • (open season) anything that’s marked as ‘open season’ means we constantly accept submissions for it and we build up a bank we can draw from in future issues. Submit any time for these and let your creativity run wild.
  • (vacant) anything marked ‘vacant’ we’re looking to invite a specific author for this specific issue, or someone to take the role on continuously/recurringly.
  • (call for submissions) something we are looking for specifically for an issue, but can be bid on by anyone. You may be asked to submit a proposal for consideration before you can be chosen.

Submission types - what type of content we’re looking for with each submission.

  • (Copy) - Copy can be submitted / signed up for separately, without needing to also have Art for this item.
  • (Art) - Art can be submitted / signed up for separately, without needing to also have copy for this item.
  • (Copy & Art team) can be submitted / signed up for together, with an individual or a team of people generating both art and copy for this item.

Where to submit completed projects and proposals:

Ask the alpha/guest:


Letters to Editor:  

General (Varietal) Articles:   



Free gifts:       

Specific (Featured) Submission:

Copy Submission Guidelines

External Guidelines

(i.e. what the general public should probably know)

1. Format: Google Doc, .doc, or .txt.

2. If copy and art are submitted at the same time, they should always be separate, although they can be present on the same document.  It may be tempting for submitters to do their own layout, but we have our layout team for that, and prefer to keep everything separate.

3. Submissions must meet the criteria of the call.  If not responding to a specific call, they must at least fit the general feel of the ‘zine.

4. Submissions must be in English.  We are willing to work with people who have English as a second language.

5. We would like submitters to send us their best draft.  We do not expect perfection, but we expect clear effort. An editor will work with the submitter on articles, but they need to be workable in order for us to accept them.

6. We are wary of too many fandom/show references in an article.  While references can be a great nod to the community, we advise against them unless fandom itself is the specific point of the article.

7. Varietal content means that submitters can submit what they want as long as it makes sense with the ‘zine, so they do not have to be limited by any call that has been out so far.


Art Submission Guidelines

- 300 dpi minimum.

- 4” Minimum. Ads; they should be large enough to fit a quarter page at minimum. That, or a third of a page, half a page, or a full page are what we’re looking for most.

- Fills submission prompt, if prompt is applicable

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